On April 27, 2023, my expert witness took the stand. I took copious notes as he described parental alienation as a form of child abuse that involves isolating, terrorizing, and corrupting children. He said his team concluded that the sexual abuse allegations against me were false and that the mother’s promulgation of the abuse narrative harmed the children. Because of the positive prior relationship between the children and me, it raises the question, “What changed their response over time?”

That question deserves an answer.

After my expert witness finished, Ms. Anderson called her sole witness, Mallory Jacobsen. Ms. Jacobsen is a social work supervisor at PrairieCare Hospital. The average stay for a child in this psychiatric hospital is 7-10 days. My daughter remained there for nearly three months. Ms. Jacobsen could provide little testimony about my daughter because she had inconsistent direct contact with her. However, her testimony helped in several ways.

It took Ms. Jacobsen and her team six weeks to contact me and provide an update on my daughter. I finally emailed the Director of Operations at the hospital and copied the Chief Medical Officer. Only then did I receive an update from her care team. After the initial meeting, I contacted the nurse on duty several times weekly to check on my daughter’s condition. Despite numerous requests for my daughter’s medical records so I could prepare for her aftercare, the hospital never gave them to me. I had to take legal action to retrieve them.

Because of ancillary issues related to the hospital’s care of my daughter, I will refrain from disclosing further details. I wish I could tell you because it grieves my heart. I found myself sobbing in the car last week thinking about the hell my daughter has endured due to being forced to sit through five days of the previous Juvenile Trial.

The trial concluded with my brief testimony regarding my previous four weeks of supervised parenting time. I was allowed a meager 90 minutes with two of my children once a week. The visits occurred in a clinic that typically deals with child abuse cases. (If you recall, I have been vindicated of wrongdoing in three separate trials, yet the Court forces my children to interact with me as if I have abused them.) The girls’ behavior during our visits showed the ill effects of Ms. Anderson’s isolation and corruption. It took about thirty minutes for them to separate themselves enough from their mother to enjoy our time together. Thankfully, we did.

It will take much more time for them to heal completely and return to our healthy father-daughter relationship. The referee asked us to submit our proposed Final Order by May 18, 2023. May God bring justice swiftly and protect my daughters from further harm. Please keep us in your prayers. Pray for wisdom for the referee and for a speedy decision that will allow my daughters to enjoy the summer with their father.

(Above Photo: JC with friends who came to offer support on the final day of the Custody Trial on April 27, 2023.)