Timeline of Events

This is the official timeline of events in my battle to rescue my children.


12/28/2016 – Jessi Cross (nka Jess Anderson), my daughters’ mother, falsely alleges abuse through a therapist just before filing for divorce. Child Protective Services (CPS) concludes its first investigation, stating, “We did not find abuse or neglect happened.”

1/25/2017 – Jessi Cross (nka Jess Anderson) files a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. In the months that follow, Jess Anderson becomes pregnant by her former high school boyfriend, Graydon Anderson. The couple cannot marry until her divorce is finalized. After Jess Anderson becomes pregnant, Graydon Anderson files for divorce from his wife.

4/9/2019 – Divorce finalized. Family Court Referee Jason T. Hutchison denies me equal parenting time. I retain joint legal and physical custody but must request a court-appointed Parenting Consultant (PC) to review my desire for equal parenting time.

1/31/2020 – In an attempt to thwart my request for equal parenting time, Jess Anderson falsely alleges abuse through a therapist. CPS concludes its second investigation, once again not finding any evidence of abuse.

6/25/2020 – The PC requests we hire a Child Consultant for another evaluation. The Child Consultant recommends the children spend more time with their father. The PC issues an Order for equal parenting time to start June 1, 2021.

6/1/2021 – Equal parenting time begins.

10/18/2021 – Jess Anderson hires an unlicensed therapist, Misha Gudipati, for my oldest daughter. I explain how Jess Anderson has weaponized therapy in the past by creating false narratives of abuse. Despite this, Misha Gudipati puppets Jess Anderson’s latest false accusation and files a report with CPS claiming I caused a bruise on my daughter.

10/26/2021 – CPS Investigator (CPI) Hirat Muse interviews me regarding the alleged abuse. I adamantly deny doing anything that would bruise any of my daughters.

10/29/2021 – Jess Anderson makes another false accusation of abuse by taking my middle child to the Emergency Room for a bruise on her upper thigh, claiming I hit her. However, my daughter told me the day before that her bruise came from falling on the school bus. CPS opens another investigation.

11/2/2021 – Hirat Muse interviews my children at their school regarding the bruise on my middle child’s leg.

11/11/2021 – Jess Anderson files an ex parte Order for Protection (OFP) listing her false allegations of abuse. The OFP is granted on November 12, and Jess Anderson assumes temporary physical and legal custody of the three children.

11/30/2021 – Jess Anderson calls the pediatrician to schedule a wellness check for our three children at the earliest possible date.

12/2/2021 – Jess Anderson takes the children to the pediatrician, and an unfamiliar male doctor does the examination.

12/3/2021 – Jess Anderson calls the pediatrician’s office with more false allegations of child abuse. Because the girls acted uneasy with the male doctor, Jess Anderson posits it as a sign of sexual abuse by their father. The nurse is obligated to make a report to CPS.

12/4/2021 – Another CPS Investigator, Cori Hewett, meets with Jess Anderson and initiates a “safety plan.” A “safety plan” is a voluntary agreement with Jess Anderson that says she will continue to provide care for the children and not allow contact with their father while in her care. Of course, Jess Anderson agrees to the arrangement.

12/6/2021 – Hirat Muse interviews all three of my children at their school regarding the sexual abuse allegation. Hirat Muse interviews my youngest by repeatedly insinuating someone touched her inappropriately. Three times she says nobody touched her inappropriately. After persistent interrogation, she describes a time when her “private part started hurting, and [her father] got the lotion and put it on it.” The previous summer, I had cleaned her and applied ointment on a severe rash because she arrived at my home complaining of pain. Her mother had left her sitting in her feces long enough to cause severe dermatitis. I treated my daughter in the safety of our home bathroom with her sisters watching. Hirat Muse deems this evidence of sexual abuse and schedules all three of my children for forensic interviews the next day.

12/7/2021 – All of my daughters are subjected to lengthy forensic interviews. In the 24 hours between Hirat Muse’s improper interrogation and the forensic interviews, the narrative has now evolved into a disgusting lie that I put my fingers inside my daughter in the presence of her two sisters. This happened largely because of an inappropriate YouTube video shown to my oldest daughter by her unlicensed, unsupervised therapist, Misha Gudipati. Then, Jess Anderson showed that same video to all three of our daughters.

12/16/2021 – Jess Anderson amends her OFP to include the sexual abuse allegation.


3/4/2022 – After almost four months of no contact with my children, the OFP trial concludes. A school bus driver testifies that my middle child hurt her upper thigh during a fall on the bus. Jess Anderson also fails to convince the Court that sexual abuse occurred. My custody and parenting time is restored, and I plan to pick up the children from school on Wednesday, March 9. RESULT: OFP DISMISSED.

3/8/2022 – Hirat Muse asks me to comply with the “safety plan” by having a supervisor with me. I express my disagreement with the voluntary safety plan. I tell him that my mother and my sister are already on their way from Kansas to spend time with us after four months of having no contact with my girls. This issue becomes moot because Jess Anderson flees to Florida with our children. Devastated, my mother and sister decide to turn around in Iowa to return home.

3/9/2022 – I file a police report with the Minneapolis Police Department for deprivation of parental rights.

3/10/2022 – I open a case with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. I have not had contact with my children for 118 days, and I do not know their whereabouts. Jess Anderson ignores my communications. Instead of taking action against Jess Anderson, Hirat Muse files a Child in Need of Protection or Services (CHIPS) Petition against me, citing the same allegations just dismissed in the OFP Trial.

3/16/2022 – Jess Anderson finally returns from Florida. I notify the school that I will pick up my daughters the next day per the return to equal parenting time.

3/17/2022 – I pick the girls up from school and take them to the St. Patrick’s Day parade and the Science Museum of Minnesota. At 6:00 pm, Hirat Muse shows up at my home with two Minneapolis police officers. He tells the officers he has a Court Order preventing me from having contact with my daughters. That is a blatant lie. The police threaten to arrest me if I do not allow them to enter my home. They take my three daughters from me. They execute a 72-Hour Health and Welfare Hold, which states, “Peace officer reasonably believes the children are in surroundings or conditions that will endanger the children’s health and welfare, if not taken into custody.”


3/22/2022 – I appear at an emergency hearing in Juvenile Court regarding the 72-Hour Hold. The presiding judge, Kathryn Quaintance, states: “There are a bunch of red flags here…I’m just going to observe that if this court is being used to try and get leverage on a custody dispute, there are going to be consequences for that. Nobody has a right to try and use the child protection system to resolve a custody dispute.” Unfortunately, Judge Francis Magill will preside over the matter set for March 29.

3/29/2022 – At the continued emergency hearing, I call Hirat Muse and Officer Ezra Moore to the stand. Hirat Muse refuses to answer questions about statements he made to the police just before removing my children from my home on March 17. Officer Moore testifies that Hirat Muse told him I had violated a “safety plan” that a judge had signed. At this point, it becomes clear Hirat Muse intentionally lied to the police because judges never sign voluntary safety plans. When questioned, Officer Moore confirms that the home was not unkempt or dangerous and that the children were not in any distress. This contradicts the 72-hour Health and Welfare Hold signed by Officer Moore that states, “Peace officer reasonably believes the children are in surroundings or conditions that will endanger the children’s health and welfare, if not taken into custody.” Without regard for these facts, Judge Francis Magill rejects my Motion for Dismissal and orders the children remain with Jess Anderson.

3/30/2022 – The day after exposing Hirat Muse and the police for conducting an illegal seizure of my children, Hennepin County Attorney’s Office tries to railroad me. Assistant County Attorney Hilary Hannon emails my attorney saying she is going to charge me with 1st degree criminal sexual conduct and issue a warrant for my arrest.

4/4/2022 – Hennepin County Attorney’s Office charges me with 1st degree criminal sexual conduct, which carries a presumptive twelve-year prison sentence.

4/8/2022 – Due to the criminal charge, Juvenile Court issues an Order of no contact between me and my three children. The case is put on hold pending the outcome of the Criminal Trial.

6/30/2022 – Jess Anderson sells her home in Minnesota and moves to Wisconsin in violation of the Family Court Order.


7/18/2022 – I exercise my constitutional right to a speedy trial by jury, and the criminal trial begins. During his testimony, Hirat Muse initially claims that my youngest disclosed inappropriate touching to a medical professional. Later in his testimony, he admits that before his interview with my children on December 6, they had made not allegations of inappropriate touching. Only through his unprofessional interrogation and the subsequent manipulation by Jess Anderson and an unlicensed therapist did a false narrative arise. On cross examination, my attorney shows that my children’s testimony has been tainted. The State rests its case July 21.

7/22/2022 – We rest our case without calling a single witness. After a short deliberation, a jury of twelve vindicates me of any wrongdoing. VERDICT: NOT GUILTY.


7/9/22 – I submit a Court Notification to the Juvenile Court notifying it of the outcome of the criminal trial and requesting reunification with my children.

8/1/2022 – At the pretrial hearing, Judge Francis Magill questions whether there should still be a juvenile trial. CPS requests the Court proceed because Hennepin County wants to terminate my parental rights.

8/25/2022 – I submit a Court Notification requesting immediate relief regarding my daughter’s schooling because Jess Anderson has removed the children from their bilingual International Baccalaureate World School and enrolled them in a public school in Wisconsin. The Court declines to do anything.

10/05/2022 – The trial in Juvenile Court begins. The Court completely disregards Rule 58.01, which states, “Testimony shall be concluded within 30 days from the commencement of the trial, and whenever possible should be over consecutive days.” It schedules trial dates for October 6, November 7, November 9, November 10, and November 14. During the trial, the State calls CPI Hirat Muse and Officer Ezra Moore to testify. Once again, Hirat Muse evades questions related to the illegal hold executed on March 17, but he admits to not having a Court Order. Officer Moore confirms Hirat Muse told him “multiple times” he had an order signed by a judge. We submit police body camera video as evidence that clearly shows Hirat Muse lying to police. Officer Moore testifies that he needed a Court Order to remove the children.

11/14/2022 – Testimony in the TPR trial ends. After missing school to sit through six days of trial and testify that her father should “have his parental rights terminated,” my oldest daughter experiences a mental health crisis. She is committed to an acute psychiatric hospital. I am never notified by CPS or by Ms. Anderson.

11/30/2022 – I find out that my oldest has been hospitalized. I call every children’s hospital in the metro area looking for her.

12/2/2022 – Parties submit their Proposed Findings and Conclusions of Law. Judge Francis Magill has 15 days to make his ruling.

12/23/2022 – After passing the timeline for a decision, Judge Magill issues an Order denying the petition to terminate my parental rights. In violation of Court Rules, the Court requests memoranda from all parties as to whether the Court should revert to CHIPS or dismiss entirely. The Court retains jurisdiction.

12/29/2022 – My attorneys file a Post-Trial Motion citing the Court’s improper retention of jurisdiction along with a violation of my due process rights. We request immediate dismissal.

1/12/2023 – CPS concludes they have no affirmative argument to support a reversion to CHIPS.

1/13/2023 – The Court issues its final Order: TPR DISMISSED and JUVENILE COURT JURISDICTION TERMINATED.

1/18/2023 – After fourteen months of no contact with my daughters, I plan to pick them up from school. Recognizing my daughters have suffered emotional and psychological abuse, I involve numerous professionals. Jess Anderson lies to school officials and never brings the children to school.


1/19/2023 – I retain counsel and file an emergency motion in Family Court outlining the psychological and emotional abuse my children have suffered throughout the past fourteen months. I ask the Court to hold Jess Anderson in contempt for her illegal move out of state and to grant me temporary sole legal and physical custody. Jess Anderson counters with an emergency motion reciting her false narrative of abuse and claiming the children will “run away” if forced to return to my home.

1/24/2023 – During an initial hearing, Referee Jason Hutchison ignores my concerns regarding Jess Anderson’s psychological and emotional abuse of our children. He ignores my request to find Jess Anderson in contempt. He ignores the fact that my children and I have suffered through three separate trials, and I have been vindicated of ever harming them. He refuses to allow my children to return to my home.

1/26/2023 – I start a hunger strike to draw attention to the prejudices of the Court and demand justice for my daughters.

2/3/2023 – At the preliminary custody hearing, it appears Referee Jason Hutchison may allow my daughters to return home. I pause my hunger strike.

2/9/2023 – At an attorney-only status conference, my lawyer argues there is no reason to deny my parental rights and continue the alienation of my children. Referee Hutchison agrees to allow the girls to return home for supervised parenting time. Later that day, opposing counsel throws a temper tantrum and sends a letter to the Court claiming she was “ambushed” at the conference. Referee Hutchison acquiesces and prevents me from seeing my daughters yet again. He ignores the vast amount of evidence that shows Jess Anderson has manipulated officials and subjected our children to undue harm.

3/3/2023 – Day 1 of the Custody Trial. Three witnesses testify on my behalf. Jess Anderson’s own father testifies against her. He describes how she prevented him from having any contact with his grandchildren for over a year on two separate occasions. She lied to the girls about the reason why. The Court finds him credible. I testify for over four hours, describing seven years of emotional abuse and manipulation by Jess Anderson. Referee Jason Hutchison makes a stern demand that I have parenting time before the end of the trial on March 31.

3/7/2023 – Despite his public appearance of empathy, Referee Jason Hutchison again ignores the evidence and issues an Order for a paltry 90 minutes of weekly parenting time with only two of my three daughters. I have been vindicated of any wrongdoing in three separate courts. Nonetheless, Referee Jason Hutchison forces us to meet in a supervised clinic for abusive parents.

3/31/2023 – Day 2 of the Custody Trial. Jess Anderson lies on the stand about making reports to CPS. When asked if her husband has made calls to CPS, she lies again, saying, “I don’t recall.” However, evidence shows her with her husband during interviews conducted by CPS. Those interviews occurred as a result of her husband, Gray Anderson, making a false report to CPS. Referee Jason Hutchison takes no interest and instead focuses on a seven-year-old allegation made by Jess Anderson. In a rare move by a judicial official, he conducts his own examination from the bench regarding an alleged threat.

Corrupt CPS Investigator CAUGHT LYING to Police

Police REFUSE to Take Children from Home Despite CPS Lies

CPS Investigator Tries to Convince Police to Illegally Remove Children

Police Fail to Verify Court Order – NONE EXISTS – and Agree to Remove Children from Father

FULL Video of ILLEGAL SEIZURE of My Children by CPS and MPD

Before and After Video of CPS worker LYING and Cops Contradicting Themselves


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