My Primary Objective

My mission has always been to provide the best for my daughters. That includes giving them the loving relationship with their father they deserve.

My children are not the property of the State. Yet, the State has exercised absolute power over them.

I have long believed in the liberties afforded by our Constitution. I have loved this country and chose to serve in the Marine Corps to defend and promote those liberties. However, I now find myself in the unfathomable situation of having my rights and my children’s rights stripped. The State has justified their actions through false allegations and has retaliated against me after exposing the lies of the Child Protection investigator.

I have never abused my children and have been vindicated in every division of the Court. I have won THREE trials – in Family Court, in Criminal Court, and in Juvenile Court – despite my daughters being coerced into testifying against me. During the last trial, which stretched over ten months, the Guardian ad Litem testified that I have not harmed my children. Still, Referee Jason Hutchison decided to suspend my parenting time until we go through yet another trial in Family Court. This is my FOURTH trial.

During the Juvenile Trial, Ms. Anderson (our daughters’ mother) compelled our oldest to sit through six days of Juvenile Trial and testify against her father. The Department of Human Services, the Guardian ad Litem, and the State’s attorneys all recommended against this. Still, the Court allowed it. Forcing a child to endure this trauma while trying to reconcile in her young mind how she could testify against her father, whom she has always loved, proved too much to bear. My tender, empathetic daughter found herself in a mental health crisis and was committed to an acute psychiatric hospital on the last day of the trial. The average length of stay at the hospital is seven to eleven days. My daughter remained there for nine weeks.

The State and the Courts claim they act in the children’s best interests. They do no such thing. For six years, they have ignored my cries of psychological and emotional abuse at the hands of their mother. I appeared before the same referee during my unwanted divorce in 2017 and asked him to enforce the law. A few months earlier, Ms. Anderson had accused me of abuse as part of her plan to take custody of the children. CPS did an investigation. They concluded there is “no evidence of neglect or abuse.” During our first hearing, I referenced Minn. Stat. § 609.507, which holds a person guilty of a misdemeanor for falsely alleging abuse to influence a child custody hearing. Referee Hutchison merely turned to the other attorney and said, “I don’t think you like what Mr. Cross is insinuating.”

That was not an insinuation. That was a fact proven through an investigation by the State. Had Referee Hutchison enforced the law then and held Ms. Anderson accountable, would my children have had to endure more than ten investigations and many months of hell?

My Secondary Objective

I honestly do not know if my efforts will save my children. I place my complete and utter trust in a Greater Judge. Only He has the power to make all things right. At the same time, He asks me to partner with Him to bring justice to earth. His own Son came to earth and lived a perfect life. Yet, they called him a glutton, a drunkard, a tax-evader, and an insurrectionist. He willingly gave His life to secure justice for us. Should I refuse to do the same for others?

My secondary mission is to protect families through legislative change and judicial oversight. A corrupt child protection system and defunct, unconstitutional courts cause an immeasurable amount of harm to parents and children. It must change. The list of necessary actions will grow, but for now it encompasses the following:

  • Enforce the laws against false allegations and interference with custody. Statutes and codes charging people with misdemeanors and felonies for false allegations of abuse and interference with custody exist for a reason. The nature of human behavior necessitates consequences for negative actions. Punish the perpetrators.

  • Remove children from court proceedings between parents. Providing a child with a state-appointed attorney at the tender age of 10 and forcing or “allowing” them to miss school to sit through days of trial does not serve their best interests.

  • Remove the “preference of the child” language in state statutes. As one expert duly noted, “Children should have a voice, not a choice.” Allowing them to choose a parent places an undue psychological burden upon them and incentivizes parental alienation.

  • Grant equal parenting time from the outset of a divorce. It’s time for this long, tiresome debate to end. Legal scholars conclude the current system incentivizes fighting. Studies show that shared parenting time benefits children, even in high-conflict divorces. Kentucky’s wildly popular equal parenting time bill decreased family court cases and domestic abuse incidents by over 10% in the first year. The only people arguing against this legislation are those who stand to profit from family turmoil.

“If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” – Jesus

How You Can Help


Help me fund the battle to bring my daughters home safely.


Email MN Attorney General, Keith Ellison, and ask for an investigation into CPS on behalf of the Cross children (ag.replies@ag.state.mn.us).

Countdown to Appeal

I started a hunger strike on January 26, 2023. After eight days of protesting in the Hennepin County Government Center, Referee Jason Hutchison finally agreed to return the girls home on February 11. However, opposing counsel threw a temper tantrum, and Referee Hutchison acquiesced to their demands. The Court issued an egregious Order filled with falsities on August 9, 2023, to support a predetermined conclusion, stripping me of custody of my daughters. I have sixty days to file an appeal. I need your help to rescue my oldest daughter who remains held hostage. May God act swiftly to bring justice.

Help Me Rescue My Girls

“Justice delayed is justice denied.”