The power of the government to take children from loving parents exists in every state. A recent story broke in Montana when Child and Family Services took custody away from Todd and Krista Kolstad after refusing to allow their 14-year-old girl to transition into a boy.

Republican Governor, Greg Gianforte, responded to the national news by asking Lieutenant Governor Kristen Juras to look into the matter. Thus far, the governor’s office has declined to do anything to investigate or to help return the child to her parents. Comments erupted on social media after the governor posted a response.

After Child and Family Services removed the Kolstad’s daughter from their home, CFS sent her to Wyoming for care against the wishes of her parents. As if the State of Montana had not violated the rights of the Kolstad’s enough, the court also placed them under a gag order. Krista was ordered to remove a video she posted to YouTube explaining their situation. Now, the Kolstad’s have taken their story to the media.

In an exclusive interview with journalist Megyn Kelly, Krista said, “We’re doing this because we feel like we have no choice. Because our rights have been so trampled on, now we’re at a point where our family unit has been destroyed and the best thing we can do is stand up for other families and get the word out and not allow this to happen to anyone else again.”

This kind of abuse of power will not end without a national outcry. The Department of Human Services and child protection agencies across the country are destroying families. Wrongful removals enforced by kangaroo courts have made it extremely difficult for parents to protect their children.

You can help the Kolstad family by calling Governor Greg Gianforte’s office at 406-444-3111. Ask the Governor to investigate immediately and bring the Kolstad’s daughter home. I spoke with a nice young man in the governor’s office this morning who promised to deliver the message. Two minutes of your time can make a difference for this family in crisis. May God help them and restore justice to this nation.